How To Trip Alone On Shrooms In Nature

Spring is here. The clocks have changed, hard little buds have bloomed into big soft blossoms — the birds are getting frisky — and in many places, the Covid regulations we’ve endured for so long, are loosening. It’s enough to make you want to pack a little knapsack and go skipping down a country lane, whistling a merry tune.

Take It Outside!

This also means it’s tempting to take your magic truffle trips outside too! And you definitely should. That tripping on psychedelic truffles or shrooms makes you feel closer and more in touch with nature, is one of our favourite subjects here at Wholecelium. And there’s scientific studies to prove it! Additionally, it goes without saying that getting outside into greenery is just gosh darn good for you!

While tripping outside with your pals can be super fun, there are many reasons why you may want to give it a go alone. One of them is, of course, covid restrictions (depending on where you live). Another is that you may just really want to connect to nature and get deeper into your trip — solo. That’s super cool! Anything that helps you feel at one with both yourself and the universe is just peachy. 

You’ve probably already read our blockbuster blog How To Trip Alone On Shrooms, and may have tried it yourself too. Tripping alone on shrooms in nature is a slightly different kettle of fish however. There is a bit more to consider than if you’re just getting cosy in your bedroom with a lava lamp and some blankets. So, to get you as ready as possible, we’ve compiled some advice, hints, tips aand pointers on how to have the best solo trip in nature you can! 

Note: we DO NOT recommend tripping alone in nature for your first ever trip, unless perhaps it’s your own garden or you’re taking a low dose. For your first trip we recommend a trip sitter and/or a familiar environment. Read our guide here!

First Things First:


For tripping outside alone there’s a range of doses you can try. A microdose will just make everything a little more bright and groovy. A low or medium dose, depending on your experience, is probably what we’d recommend. This way, you’ll certainly have an experience, but you’ll be able to make sense of who, what, and where you are — and this is essential if you’re outside! A high dose, well, you better be a pretty experienced psychonaut. For our dosage chart, which will also tell you right dosage depending on whether you are taking truffles or shrooms / dry / fresh etc, here

Time Of Day:

Again, this does depend on how familiar you are with the nature spot you choose, how experienced you are with psychedelics, and what the spot itself is. As a rule of thumb, we suggest beginning your trip around the morning or noon, so you can enjoy the brightest and sunniest part of the day. Additionally, being high and alone in the dark may not be the best idea if you are not totally experienced with the effects of shrooms. Starting at this time means it’s possible to wend your way home by the time the sun goes down. On the flip side however, if you are doing your trip in high summer, well, you can start later as the days are longer! A sunset while on shrooms is just magical, as is stargazing. Again, just be sensible and do what you know you can handle. 

Keep In Contact:

Ok, so this trip is alone. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some contact with people if you feel you need it. Have someone (or a couple of someones) who know your plans on speed dial, just in case you need them. Tell them where you will be going, and the distance around that area you might venture. This way, people you trust will know where you are, and you will feel, and be, safer. 

Set And Setting

Set and setting refers to your inner and outer environments. 

Set is like your ‘mindset’. How you feel ‘in’ yourself when embarking on your trip will have a big effect. Try and get a proper night’s sleep the day before your trip, you can also do some self-care, meditate and relax — so you feel good. Keep the day free so you don’t have any obligations hanging over your head. If you can, keep the next day free too. Consider your intentions, and what you want from the trip. 

Setting is, of course, where you are physically. And this is one of the most important parts of tripping outside. Choosing where to do it. Whether you choose garden, forest, park, field, beach, mountain or glen is up to you! But, we do recommend somewhere that is local to you and readily accessible. Also — be sensible with your choices — somewhere remote, high, or treacherously terrained is a big no-no. 

Our ideal spot would be a beautiful leafy place that we’re familiar with, and know our way around. It’s better if you haven’t just scouted it on Google Maps. You could even visit prior to your trip to get the lay of the land if you’ve never been before! We trust you’ll make the right choice. 

What You Can Do On Your Trip Alone In Nature

Of course being IN the trip is an activity in itself. We are totally behind just sitting and watching the world (and your many inner worlds) go by. But, here are some tips that might tickle your fancy:

Explore: Go for a wander in your environment of choice. Enjoy the scenery — find a different vantage point. Follow a stream, smell some wildflowers, climb a tree, paddle in the sea. You know the drill! Wherever the shrooms lead you, follow…

Do Some Nature Study: Wherever you’ve chosen to trip is sure to have its own little eco-systems grooving away. Why not go full Attenborough and do some nature study of your own? Check out what the ants are up to, watch some butterflies — even identify some non-psychedelic fungi! The animal and plant kingdoms are magical — especially when on shrooms. 

Watch Some Water: Nothing compliments the psychedelic bent that shrooms give your vision like watching water. The ripples, the waves, some light rain creating patterns on the surface — under the influence of psilocybin — it looks pure magic.

Listen To Music: Why not compile a playlist for your trip alone in nature? Something that compliments your environment of choice perhaps? Some folk music for the forest? A bit of Beach Boys for the beach? Some epic classical for the peak of a hill / your trip? Or, if you’d prefer, your favourite jams will certainly suffice. 

Meditate: If you find a quiet spot, try a bit of meditation. With a light breeze on your face, and birdsong in the background, you’ll feel enlightenment creeping in in no time! Additionally, this can help you experience your trip to the fullest, as you can ponder your intentions again. 

Top Tips You Can’t Skip:

Stay Hydrated: bring water and any other sources of hydration.

Bring Snacks: of course you don’t need to bring a whole picnic (and you definitely won’t want to carry one!) but a snack or two is essential. This isn’t no Bear Grylls shenanigan, you don’t have to eat bugs to survive. 

Dress Appropriately: check the weather forecast before you go — then work out if you’ll need a sunhat or an extra jumper. 

Sunscreen: don’t become one with the sun. 

Charge Your Phone: make sure your phone is fully charged in case you need to contact anyone. 

So, there you have it — everything you need to trip alone on shrooms in nature! From spring, into summer, and autumn, these tips will help to make your outdoorsy trips magical and safe. 

Have you tripped alone in nature? How did you find it? Let us know in the comments below!

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